'C'mon man': Traveller tries to make it through US airport with gun wrapped in foil

A gun wrapped in tin foil.
Photo credit: Twitter/TSA

A New York man is facing weapons charges after trying to take a badly concealed gun through an airport.

The alleged smuggler was discovered to be travelling with a gun wrapped in foil and then concealed inside a DVD player on Saturday, Yahoo news reports.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials discovered the weapon via metal detectors and he was apprehended trying to board a plane to Mexico.

The weapon was a Zoraki Mod 914 pistol.

"Want to travel with a gun? I can assure you that wrapping it in aluminium foil and then concealing it inside a DVD player isn't the way to go about it," TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstien said on Twitter.

"Queens man was arrested after @TSA officers at @JFKairport detected the artfully concealed weapon in his DVD player. C'mon man!"

The man has been charged with weapons violations.