'Feral' couple slammed for mile-high 'foot fetish' play

An amorous couple have been caught carrying their foot fetish to the sky in an incident described as "sickening" and "rank".

Footage taken by an Australian woman and shared by the Instagram page 'Sh*t Adelaide' on Friday shows a woman placing her bare feet on the plane tray table while a man nuzzles and picks at her toes.

"Foot fetish?" the caption reads, along with multiple vomiting emojis.

"He has been caressing his girlfriend's feet on the food tray the whole trip."

The footage has left viewers sickened and repulsed, with one pointing out "people eat food on that".

"That's how you make innocent people sick," one woman wrote.

Other commenters have labelled it "disgusting" and "sickening" and called the passengers responsible "absolute savage animals" and "ferals".

"What do these people do on their kitchen tables at home?" another said.

It's not the first time bare-footers have caused outrage on an airline. The internet was left divided in 2017 after a US woman spotted a pair of well-manicured feet sneaking up on her armrest.