Grabaseat offering $19 domestic fares, $79 Pacific

Air New Zealand's Grabaseat promotional website unveiled some particularly low prices on Friday morning, with several $19 one-way fares around Aotearoa and $79 flights to Noumea.

Other Pacific destinations were listed with one-way prices of $99, including Tonga, Niue and Fiji.

The deals come as competition in the air travel market heats up, with Jetstar recently offering 'return for free' airfares, including international destinations for around $200.

Grabaseat's Friday sale also included American destinations for $429 one-way and $849 return, including Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco.

Asian destinations including Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong were also on sale for less than $500 one-way and less than $1000 return.

The Grabaseat sale comes in the same week as Jettzy launched in Aotearoa, offering a local competitor to Webjet that promises lower fares.

Earlier this year, Jetstar responded to an Air NZ sale with a sale of its own - so Kiwis wanting to travel who miss out on the Friday deals may soon be luckier with the next.

Grabaseat offers $19 domestic fares and Noumea for $79.
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Grabaseat offers flights to the USA and Asia for under $500 one-way.
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