Hilarious photo shows World's Strongest Men crammed together on economy flight

An airline may have made a small error when they seated two of the World's Strongest Men next to each other on an economy flight.

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall was crowned World's Strongest Man in 2017. His seatmate Brian Shaw, has won the title four times.

Hall is 6 foot 3 inches, and Shaw measures in at 6 foot 7 inches. 

Hall uploaded a photo of the unfortunate seating arrangement to Instagram.

"The check-in ladies sat me and @shawstrength right next to each other on the plane from London to Scotland and no one on the plane would swap seats," he wrote on Tuesday.

In the photo the pair glowers at the camera, towering over the headrests.

Hall's entire, gigantic arm is in the aisle.

"Would you swap seats with us? I wouldn't either," wrote Hall.

Commenters on the post expressed their amazement.

"How did the plane even take off?" wrote one.

"Y'all allowed on one side of the plane?" asked another.

"With both of you on one side did the plane just do constant left turns?"

Shaw has been in a similar predicament - in January, he was photographed in economy class sitting next to a woman who is roughly the size of his arm.