Instagram travellers defend 'stupid' photo

A woman dangles off the side of a pool.
The photo. Photo credit: Instagram/Positravlty

Two Instagram travellers have been forced to defend themselves after their audience blasted a photo taken in Bali for being dangerous.

The photo, published by Kelly Castille and Kody Workman from the account @positravelty, showed Castille dangling off the side of an infinity pool, with nothing below her.

Workman can be seen holding on to his partner, but the audience said it still looks very risky. 

"Very stupid to risk the life of your significant one just for a stupid photo," one commenter wrote.

"If it had all gone wrong, you'd be the only one to blame. Life's a marathon, remember that," another said.

The couple claim it was perfectly safe, and there was actually a pool underneath to catch Castille if she fell.

"What is probably most surprising to any audience is that this photo was actually Kelly's idea," Workman told Business Insider.

"We are both in good shape, we know our bodies, and, in turn, we know our limits.

"We had faith in each other and trust to pull this off, and so we made the choice as a team to shoot it."

Other photos published by the pair show Workman backflipping off various objects into the water below, or Castille standing on the edge of cliffs.

The couple has more than 84,000 followers.