Massive delays at Australian airports due to technical issues at immigration

Problems with the computer system that processes passengers arriving into Australia has caused chaos across the country's major airports.

Passengers on Twitter have said they have been waiting in queues for hours and are yet to clear customs.

A tweet from Australia's Border Force authority said additional staff have been called in to assist with the massive backlog.

"We're working to resolve an IT systems outage impacting inbound and outbound passenger processing at international airports. Additional staff have been deployed to help minimise delays. Passengers are encouraged to arrive early to allow additional time for processing."

The delays have hit all airports in Australia.

A spokesperson for Brisbane Airport told ABC Australia the outage came at the worst time.

"We've had about 10,000 people due to arrive or partially arrived already at Brisbane Airport, because this is the exact time when all of the internationals come in,"

YouTube user 'Oz by Drone' posted a video from within the arrivals hall at Sydney Airport.

The 40-minute long video shows passengers moving only a few metres. 

The glitch means both inbound and outbound passengers have to be screened manually.

The system has been down since 6am local time.