Poll: Which plane seat is better - window or aisle?

It's the first thing most of us do once we've made a flight booking - choose where we sit on the plane.

Some travellers just don't care and will sit anywhere, others will painstakingly trawl sites like seatguru.com, a site that has reviews pretty much every seat on every plane, ever.

It will tell you the pitch and width of the seat, as well as giving you a heads-up on things like toilet proximity and where to find extra legroom.

But it doesn't answer the question - what's better out of a window seat, or an aisle one?

The pros of having a window seat:

  • View out the window
  • Being able to lean against the side of the cabin when sleeping
  • Only having a person or people on one side of you

The pros of having an aisle seat:

  • No one to climb over if you need to go to the bathroom, stretch, or get something from the overhead compartment
  • You get served first at meal times
  • You have a bit more personal space being next to the aisle

You'll notice that' I've not mentioned middle as an option; I'm yet to find someone who enjoys sitting between people. If you do, please do get in touch on the Newshub Travel Facebook group - we'd love to hear your thoughts.