Boeing and Airbus go head-to-head to win over Air New Zealand

Soon, Air New Zealand has to make an important choice, and they only get to make it once.

The airline must decide which aircraft will take them into the next decade and beyond.

There are three main options: the Boeing 777X, the 787 Dreamliner or the A350 from Airbus.

The reason for the purchase is because Air NZ's current Boeing 777-200 fleet is getting old.

Playing matchmaker


So which aircraft is Air NZ going to swipe right on? Watch the video above for aviation experts making their predictions, and read the information below for what you need to know.

Air New Zealand playing Tinder with Boeing and Airbus for huge future investment.
Photo credit: Newshub.

Air NZ has a long history with Boeing. The aircraft manufacturer has supplied the airline with its long-haul fleet since the '70s, so there is a strong commercial connection between them.

Additionally, the first aircraft Boeing ever built was sold to a farmer in Aotearoa over 100 years ago.

However, this close bond didn't stop Air NZ from replacing its entire domestic fleet of Boeing aircraft with A320s made by rival company Airbus in 2003.

If Airbus were to ever get their foot in the door with Air NZ's long haul fleet, the A350 would be the aircraft to do it.

Who will woo Air NZ - Boeing or Airbus?
The A350 is one of the most advanced aircraft on the market. Photo credit: Airbus

At list prices, the A350 is cheaper than the two options from Boeing. It can also fly further - up to 15,000km.

Geoffrey Thomas from Airline believes Air New Zealand will stick with Seattle-based Boeing.

"I believe Air New Zealand will opt for 787-10s or 9s, powered by General Electric engines. This competition is not the ultra-long range routes which would favour the 777X-8," he said.

The latest version of the Boeing Dreamliner on a test flight.
The latest version of the Dreamliner on a test flight. Photo credit: Boeing Media

"It will go for General Electric engines after its bad experience with Rolls Royce over the past two years."

The 'bad experience' he is referring to is the engine issues that forced the grounding of Air NZ's Dreamliner fleet, causing havoc for the airline's schedule.

One of New Zealand's longest serving aviation journalists, Peter Clark, thinks Air NZ will go with the other Boeing option.

Boeing has been plagued recently with its engines causing major fatal crashes.
Boeing's new 777X series. Photo credit: Boeing Media

"The Boeing 777X must be now the leading contender for Air NZ's fleet upgrade," says Clark.

"The B777X will feature new General Electric 9X engines, new composite wings with folding wing tips, greater cabin width and seating capacity".

Newshub Travel on Facebook.
Members of Newshub Travel's Facebook group were asked to choose which aircraft they think Air NZ will match with.

Meanwhile, members of the online aviation community went with the wildcard - a poll on Facebook shows they think, or at least want, the Airbus A350 to win Air NZ's heart.

Three opinions with three different outcomes. Both Airbus and Boeing hope to woo Air NZ.

The airline's decision is expected before the end of June.