British Airways turbulence: Passengers 'hit the ceiling' in terrifying ordeal

Fourteen passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Florida were examined by medical staff after severe turbulence violently shook the cabin.

The flight departed from London Gatwick on Monday (local time) and was due to land in Florida's Tampa Bay. The extreme force of the turbulence started battering the aircraft, resulting in minor passenger injuries. 

The alarming episode has gained media attention after a passenger, Ollie Richmond, captured the incident in a viral video, the Daily Mail reports.

According to Richmond, the flight suddenly dropped without warning, resulting in "loads of people hitting the ceiling".

Video footage shows belongings scattered throughout the cabin in the aftermath of the turbulence. Panicked passengers look around in shock.

British Airways passengers looking shocked.
Passengers look shocked in the aftermath of the incident. Photo credit: Screenshot: Ollie Richmond
Bags scattered through plane aisle.
Suitcases are scattered throughout the cabin. Photo credit: Screenshot: Ollie Richmond

The video shows a vent which appears damaged by the air assault.

 "[It] was like something out of a film... Well done staff for managing the situation well," Richmond captioned his video on social media.

Richmond added on Twitter that he attended hospital with his pregnant wife following the incident.

A spokesman for British Airways confirmed the issue was not a fault with the aircraft.

"[Staff] asked paramedics to meet the aircraft and some customers were examined by medical staff as a precaution."