Kim Kardashian slammed for insensitive post with Bali elephant

Animal protection agency appalled by the Instagram posts.
Animal protection agency appalled by the Instagram posts. Photo credit: Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is on the receiving end of fierce backlash online, after posting images of her visiting an elephant attraction in Indonesia. 

 Alongside the caption 'Missing Bali and the amazing elephant sanctuary,' Kardashian posted four images of her posing with an elephant.

A follower of Kardashian called Kristen Bing was one of the first people to express their outrage on the celebrity's Instagram account.

"Oh Kimmy, for someone who is trying to become a lawyer, you need to work on being more attentive and research oriented." 

"This is not a sanctuary, and these elephants have been abused and tied up, so that they can cater to tourists' needs (riding them etc).

"There are many certified sanctuaries in Asia and Africa that allow you a first-hand experience into the life & care and preservation of these wonderful animals WITHOUT degrading or harming them. "

She ended by thanking Kim for 'coming to my TED Talk.'

It's not just people online who think the posts are inappropriate. 

Ben Pearson from World Animal Protection also spoke out.

"The truth is that many travellers find themselves visiting cruel wildlife venues whilst on holiday due a simple lack of education.

"They usually see themselves as animal lovers and are drawn to these attractions, like the one in Bali."

World Animal Protection surveyed 26 wildlife venues from around Bali in 2017.

They assessed the welfare of 1500 wild elephants who were kept in captivity for entertainment and tourism.

None of the elephant venues surveyed, including Mason Elephant Lodge, the venue featured in Kardashian's post met even the most basic needs of captive wild animals.

Pearson says a simple rule is to see wild animals where they belong: "If you can ride, hug or snap a selfie with a wild animal, it is cruel and you should look elsewhere"..