'scUber' submarine launches in Great Barrier Reef for tourists

For people who want to explore the Great Barrier Reef but hate scuba diving, an extravagant alternative is about to be available for a limited time.

Uber and Queensland have partnered on 'scUber', which will allow people to order submarine rides in the iconic natural wonder of Queensland via the Uber app.

The package, which includes a helicopter ride as well as an hour in the submarine, will cost AU$1500 (NZ$1589) per person, with a minimum of two people per sale.

ScUber launches on May 27 and will run through until June 18.

The battery-powered submarine will dive to a maximum of 30m and have no negative impact on the reef, says Uber.

scUber: The world's first rideshare submarine arrives in the Great Barrier Reef.
Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

According to Tourism and Events Queensland, exploring the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine was voted "the most desired future travel experience sought by visitors".

Susan Anderson, Regional General Manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, agrees that the promotion will make people's dreams come true.

"We're looking forward to seeing how visitors to the Great Barrier Reef embrace this new form of movement and become advocates of the Reef for years to come," says Anderson.

For every submarine ride sold, Uber will donate the same amount to conservation group Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.