Traveller calls on Air New Zealand to swap lollies for prunes

A traveller has provoked revulsion after suggesting Air New Zealand dump its traditional lolly treat at the end of a flight and offer prunes instead.

Auckland man Freddie Coltart received more than 200 angry reactions to his suggestion in a post on Air New Zealand's Facebook page.

"I know you've been doing this for years but don't you think this might have become outdated? Kids eating sweets is bad for their dental and physical health," he wrote.

"In saying this I do understand these sweets are part of your brand. So I propose a healthier alternative... What about handing out single serving prunes instead?

"As one of NZ's biggest brands it would be good to be encouraging clean eating and healthy digestion."

Commenters were disgusted by the suggestion and many angrily responded to say the lollies helped passengers ears during descent.

"Sucking on a prune is not going to help ears when landing. Nothing wrong with lollies the world is to PC for goodness sack (sic)," one person wrote.

"They hand out hard lollies for a health reason, to help equalise the inner ear pressure so you don't suffer. Watch the people come off the plane rubbing their ears," another person said.

But there is at least one person on Coltart's side.

"Great idea, have had the same thought every time I fly," one person wrote.

Newshub has contacted Air New Zealand for comment.