Watch: Massive Australian dust storm forces flight to abort landing

A plane passenger filmed the huge rolling dust storm hitting an Australian town that caused her flight to turn around.

As the almost apocalyptic wall of dust ominously approached Mildura in Victoria yesterday, Erica Weston's flight was heading straight towards it.

Air traffic control recordings from the flight reveal the crew initially intended to circle near-by to see if the dust cleared but decided to return to Melbourne due to fuel levels.

"We had to turn around and return to Melbourne airport due to the severity," Weston said.

Erica filmed the giant weather phenomena, which became so severe, her plane had to head back to Melbourne to land safely.

The enormous wall of orange dust was so dense that sunlight was blocked momentarily for residents in parts of Victoria when it arrived around 5pm local time.

ABC News reports cars pulled to the side of the road and fire alarms activated across Mildura due to the dust cloud.