Air France engine failure emergency in Atlanta caught on camera

The moment an Air France flight with 330 people on-board declared an emergency just after take-off has been caught on camera.

Traveller and aviation enthusiast Matt Cochran was filming the comings and goings at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as he regularly does, when the emergency took place on Sunday.

The Boeing 777-300 had been in the air for around one minute when the captain declared an emergency and made a dramatic mayday call from the cockpit.

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Air France 681 heavy, engine left fail." 

Smoke could be seen coming from one of the engines on the aircraft as it reached 3000 feet.

"We need emergency services when we arrive on the runway," the captain said after confirming the aircraft's left engine had failed.

The aircraft was carrying nearly 30 tonnes of fuel as it immediately began its return to the airport.

After less than 14 minutes in the air, the aircraft made a safe landing under the power of just one engine.

Specialist fire service crews inspected the engine as the aircraft made its way back to the terminal before a more thorough inspection took place.

The aircraft remained in Atlanta on Wednesday evening.