New stand up plane seats labelled as 'inhumane and dangerous'

The new Skyrider seats
The new Skyrider seats Photo credit: Twitter/ @thatjohn

New seats for short haul plane flights are being pitched to airlines - but they haven't been well received by those who have tried them.

The Skyrider 3.0 would have passengers stand for the duration of their flights. 

A small saddle-like perch projects from the back of the seat upon which people could almost sit.

The Skyrider 3.0 was on display at the Paris Air Expo last week and its reception was frosty.

"Squeezing my 1.88m frame into a 23" stand up seat proposed by Aviointeriors is a no go for over 10 minutes," wrote aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth on Twitter.

"Hopefully no airline will ever do it."

Commenters on the post agreed with Spaeth calling the seats "torture," "inhumane" and "dangerous."

"It looks like a restraint device. They are not only physically constraining, but they are definitely psychologically oppressive. This tight enclosure could trigger claustrophobia, anxiety, as well as feelings of disempowerment," replied behavioural neuroscientist Renee DeVere.

Aviointeriors, the mastermind behind the standing seats, estimates airlines would be able to fit 20 percent more passengers if they used the perch, reports The Independent.

Ermanno De Vecchi, The CEO of the company, said the seats can be used "immediately" by airlines as they are "ready to go."