Toy themed accommodation from around the world

As many of us rush to the cinema to watch the latest Toy Story instalment, an accommodation website is celebrating its launch by sharing some of their toy themed accommodation options. says 42 percent of global travellers surveyed said they choose a holiday that makes them feel like a child again.

Here are some destinations that will do just that: 

Look out for the snake in your boot while visiting Coupvray, France:

As soon as travellers set foot into Coupvray, located in the town of Marne la Vallee, just east of Paris, they are bound to feel a magical spring in their step. 

The town is a popular place for travellers to the nearby theme parks to base themselves.

Toy themed accommodation from around the world
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Disney's Hotel Cheyenne is a very western themed accommodation option. 

The hotel hero is our favourite pull-string Sheriff who feels right at home amongst the Wild West rooms, featuring themed wallpaper, lighting and bedding and even a western saloon bar.

Guests are given the opportunity to meet their favourite famous characters in this hotel.

Reach for the sky in Billund, Denmark:

Billund in Central Denmark is known as the birthplace of the famous interlocking plastic bricks, Lego. It's the ideal place to recapture your love of the colourful building blocks of your youth while soaking up the town's history. 

Toy themed accommodation from around the world
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The ideal way to complete the construction of the ultimate Lego holiday would be to stay at Hotel Legoland, where many rooms offer a fun décor made of the iconic bricks, with the added bonus of a great view of the Legoland Theme Park. 

Fly, or 'fall with style' all the way to Patong, Thailand:

Nothing represents being a child in summer than a beach bucket and a spade sitting in the sand under the boiling hot sun.

Toy themed accommodation from around the world
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If this sounds like the type of childhood memory you'd like, the stylish yet bold Holiday Inn Resort Phuket is the perfect accommodation for you. Located in the middle of Patong, this resort also has ten swimming pools.

To Orchard Road, and beyond:

If you ask anyone in Singapore about where to go shopping, nine times out of ten the answer will be the same.

Orchard Road. 

Located in central Singapore, its many malls feature luxury retailers and world-class restaurants.

Toy themed accommodation from around the world
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Once you've stocked up on new toys while in the air-conditioned comfort of the shopping malls, there's a hotel nearby that is both handy and family friendly.

The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is a luxury establishment that offers three distinctive wings. 

The Tower wing, Garden wing and Valley wing.

Each of these provide guests with different atmospheres and experiences. 

Family travellers can indulge in themed suites allowing imaginations to run free in a safari, castle, outer space, underwater or tree tops-themed hotel haven.