US airline serenades WWII vet with a birthday song

Southwest Airlines have been praised for their birthday serenade.
Southwest Airlines have been praised for their birthday serenade. Photo credit: Newshub.

A cabin crew from Southwest Airlines has been praised for being after they broke into a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for a World War II veteran that was on board their flight.

US woman Samantha Goodwin shared the video to Twitter, which shows cabin crew singing over the loudspeaker veteran who was celebrating his 101st birthday.

Goodwin captioned the video: "SouthwestAir being the baller airlines that they took time out to sing Happy Birthday to a WWII vet!"

The 101-year-old can be seen holding a red crown, which the flight attendant sings for him to put on.

The passengers on the flight pretended to 'blow out candles' for the birthday boy, by turning off their overhead lights at the same time.

The touching Twitter post attracted many comments singing the airline's praises, with others thanking Goodwin for sharing the "cute" footage.

Southwest Airlines also thanked Goodwin for sharing the celebration.

"We treat our customers like family, and we're so glad we were able to celebrate this milestone!" The company wrote on the post.

The Texan airline reportedly allows customers to make requests for a birthday shout out when booking flights, or customers are able to reach out to the airline through Twitter.