Video reveals what it's like inside the real Chernobyl

An urban explorer has captured unique footage showcasing the sinister beauty of abandoned Chernobyl.

More than 30 years after the catastrophic nuclear disaster in the USSR, now Ukraine, a new generation of people are learning more about what happened, and the massive death toll that resulted.

Englishman Neil Ansell explored the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and its nearby ghost town of Pripyat in April this year.

The explorer wandered around abandoned shops, hospitals and supermarkets, and also captured some eerie aerial images of the town using his drone.

With the supervision of a local guide, Neil walked around the iconic abandoned theme park and tested the soil with a Geiger counter - which recorded unsettlingly high levels of radiation.

 "The place fully met my expectations, it was everything I imagined it would be and my favourite part is the abandoned theme park in Pripyat, which is also one of the most iconic things," Ansell said.

"We were with a tour guide who knew all the safe areas, but at times we were getting high readings of radiation which was a little scary.

"We were completely alone until we got to the theme park where there were other tourists, but everyone was silent and immersed in the exploration." 

Estimates of how many deaths were a direct result of the disaster range from 4000 right up to 90,000.

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