Vladimir Putin approves new electronic visas, making travelling to Russia easier

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Photo credit: Getty

Tourists travelling to Russia will soon be able to cross the border easier as President Vladimir Putin has signed an order introducing an electronic single-entry visa.

The visa will come into effect from January 1, 2021, and will be universal. 

This means foreign visitors may enter Russia for tourism, business or humanitarian reasons for up to 16 days, reports Russian news site RT.

The visas are likely to cost up to NZ$74.81 as opposed to the current single entry paper visa which costs NZ$191, reports The Telegraph.

Approval for entry into Russia can take up to three weeks. The new visas will be available online, shortening the process dramatically.

China, South Korea and Japan will be allowed the e-visas, as well as countries in the European Union, and the non-EU Schengen zone reports Russian newspaper Kommersant.

New Zealand is also "possibly" on the list reports RT.

The full list of eligible countries will be prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.