Airport runway in Greece alarming hotspot for 'plane-spotting' tourists taking selfies

Alarming footage captures the lengths thrill-seeking tourists will go to for a good picture as they congregate beneath landing airplanes on the Greek island of Skiathos.

The dramatic video shows holidaymakers gathering before the landing strip at Skiathos Airport, as planes preparing to land roar a matter of feet above their heads. 

The runway, built just metres from the coastline, has become a hotspot for adrenaline junkies looking to snap some attention-grabbing selfies with the approaching planes.

However, the video demonstrates a worrying disregard for the warning sign reading 'Danger, please keep away from aircraft blast'. 

In one unsettling clip, the force of the passing jets from a British Airways flight knocked onlookers off a ledge bordering the shore and the runway. 

Plane-spotting enthusiasts described that British Airways plane as particularly low, Daily Mail reports.

Pilots landing at Skiathos have to navigate a difficult landing, as the short stretch of tarmac is bordered by the beach on one end and a public road on the other.

On a busy day, the hazardous hotspot may see up to 100 spectators, says the publication. The popularity of the risky pastime has seen Skiathos dubbed as the European St Maarten - the Caribbean Princess Juliana airport has a notoriously short runway.

In 2017, a New Zealand woman died after the force of a low-altitude plane knocked her into the rocks after she joined hundreds of other tourists at St Maarten to plane-spot.

The footage of the low-altitude planes holds an important reminder for thrill-seekers. St Maarten police will often patrol the beach area to warn tourists of the dangers associated with the hazardous hobby.