Broke, pregnant and fat - the China Airlines ad that's going viral

A new television commercial for China Airlines has got the attention of the internet, but it may not be for the right reasons.

Part of the airline's #WhatTravelBringsYou campaign, the nearly two minute video covers off a series of rather interesting and sometimes unwanted souvenirs people bring back from holiday.

But we aren't talking about Mickey Mouse ears or Irish leprechauns.

The ad begins with a woman who has returned from a trip to Bangkok and has grown too big to fit into her clothes, presumably from too much enjoyment of Thai cuisine.

From there, things get even weirder with 'souvenirs' like Las Vegas marriage certificates, broken bones and even an unwanted pregnancy.

Broke, pregnant and fat - the China Airlines ad that's going viral
Photo credit: China Airlines

"A girl looks at the two lines on a pregnancy test pen - that was from Australia," the airline explained in a statement.

The Taiwanese airline invited 60 women to the launch of the new campaign to share their stories of which locations they were in when they became pregnant, or as China Airlines puts it, 'the best stork-chasing destinations.'

More than 500 mothers applied to attend the event and go into the draw for return tickets to any of the airline's destinations with the intention of bringing back another 'souvenir'.

Pregnant former passengers were also surveyed to find out in which cities they conceived their unique one of a kind memento.

For the record, the best 'stork chasing destinations' were revealed to be Japan, Italy and Thailand.