Man forcibly removed from American Airlines flight after refusing to leave someone else's seat

Video shows a Man being forcibly removed from an American Airlines flight after refusing to leave someone else's seat.
The man demanded staff not "violate his freedom" by putting him in the correct seat. Photo credit: John Gilbert / WFAA

Footage has emerged showing an angry man being removed from a plane handcuffed to a wheelchair after he refused to vacate someone else's seat.

He was filmed yelling that being put in the correct seat would "violate his freedom".

The incident occurred on an American Airlines flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFA) to Los Angeles last week.

Another passenger on the flight told local media the man wasn't happy with the seat he'd been assigned and became disruptive when asked to vacate the seat he moved to instead.

"Don't force me. Don't violate my freedom. That's my seat. You don't like it, switch it," the passenger says in the video, filmed by John Gilbert.

Other passengers reportedly had to take their carry-on items and disembark the aircraft while the man was removed.

In video posted online, he can be seen yelling at police officers and trying to struggle off the wheelchair while being taken away.

In a statement, American Airlines confirmed it "contacted law enforcement due to a disruptive passenger who caused a disturbance during the boarding process", according to Travel and Leisure.

The AA2460 flight was delayed about 45 minutes due to the incident.