New Virgin Mary alcohol-free bar opens in Dublin, Ireland

If you're sick of being the odd one out during dry July, then this bar is for you - the Virgin Mary has just opened in Ireland as the country's first alcohol-free bar.

The bar is said to still look, taste and feel like a normal bar, it just won't be serving drinks with alcohol in them.

Owner Vaughan Yates says the bar is a destination in its own right in the popular Capel Street area of Dublin.

"Dublin is an incredibly diverse city with an increasingly discerning population, so people are looking for a place where they can sit down with friends and really connect in a lively yet mindful drinking environment," Yates said.

Despite a reputation for being a country of liquored leprechauns, data from Ireland's department of revenue shows a decline in alcohol consumption, year on year.  

The Virgin Mary's name comes from the world's most famous non-alcoholic cocktail, of which the bar has designed its very own version.

The signature tipple will be mixed with freshly pressed vegetable juices, a Dublin-made hot sauce and spicy infusions, all made in-house.

As well as mocktails, the bar will have a wide selection of alcohol-free beers and spirits, and de-alcoholised wines.

Although the Virgin Mary opened in July, it will remain open and alcohol free all year round.