Revealed: The truth about Kiwi travellers behaviour

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New research that delved into Kiwis' travelling habits has been released by Singapore Airlines and found they love being catered to in the air, tend to travel to be with friends and families for major events like holidays and weddings, and are more likely to take advice from travel agents rather than social influencers when researching and booking holidays.

The best things about flying according to Kiwis

Binge watching tv shows and movies

Revealed: The truth about Kiwi travellers behaviour
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Over half of passengers surveyed said watching television shows and movies was their favourite in-flight activity. 

Stay classy

Many say the glory days of travel are well behind us, but 54 percent of travellers said the glamour of flying to their destination was what the loved most.

Attention please

Revealed: The truth about Kiwi travellers behaviour
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Over half of those surveyed said they loved the attention they got from cabin crew onboard.

Savvy travellers 

The general manager for Singapore Airlines in New Zealand, Mr Kenny Teo said Kiwis enjoy the finer things in life.

“It is not surprising that Kiwis enjoy being able to relax when in the air, whether that means being taken care of with a premium level of service, or having the opportunity to personalise their journey through the inflight entertainment system or pre-selecting their meals,” Mr Teo said.

Stay connected 

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There are very few places in the world where you are forced to part with your mobile phone and an internet connection, and until recently, being on a plane was one of those places.

Just 40 percent of those surveyed said being uncontactable was their favourite thing about travelling.

So, why do we travel in the first place? 

This research from Singapore Airlines found that over 60 percent of people booked travel to attend important events with family and friends such as weddings and birthdays.

Nearly half said they travel purely to experience new places and cultures

Securing a cheap deal was another popular reason for why Kiwis booked holidays.