Sick 10-year-old girl left lying on airport floor by EasyJet staff, UK father says

The family were denied boarding their plane after EasyJet said they were too late.
The family were denied boarding their plane after EasyJet said they were too late. Photo credit: Getty

A budget airline left a sick 10-year-old girl on the floor of a British airport for 30 minutes after she and her family were denied boarding a plane, her father says.

The Campbell family were at Gatwick Airport in England earlier this month having just returned on holiday from Turkey.

But when they were denied boarding their flight home from Gatwick to the Isle of Man after EasyJet claimed they were too late, Keith Campbell says his daughter, Abigail, was left "cradling her head on the floor" as he begged a staff member for assistance, the Mirror reports.

Video filmed by Campbell appears to show the staff member accusing his daughter of faking the sickness.

Abigail, however, suffers from brittle asthma, which can be potentially fatal, the Mirror reports.

To make matters worse, the family couldn't get home for another two days following the incident. Sky News reported that an "air traffic control system issue" grounded flights at Gatwick for two hours on July 10. The next flight to Isle of Man was not available until July 12.

Other travellers were left "shocked and horrified" and it could have been a much more dangerous situation, the family says.

EasyJet says the family was nearly 20 minutes late but this has been disputed by the family, who claim they arrived several minutes before the gate's closure.

"My daughter is really self-conscious about her illness," Keith told the Mirror. "It upsets her a lot.

"She blamed herself for us missing the flight."

EasyJet has apologised to the family following the incident.

"We are sorry for the Campbell family's experience at the customer service desk," a spokesperson told the Mirror.

"They did not receive the level of care we expect to be delivered by our ground handling partners and so we are investigating this with them."