Woman booted off Vueling plane over 'revealing' outfit spat

  • 25/07/2019

There's been another incident of a woman being removed from a plane after cabin crew deemed her clothing to be inappropriate.

Laura Cervantes was flying on Spanish airline Vueling from Mallorca to Barcelona on July 21 when she was approached about her clothing.

The airline claims she was in a swimsuit, which would be against the rules, but she's posted images online that she claims proves otherwise.

Photos of the outfit and a video of the incident appear to show that Cervantes was wearing a racer-back black bodysuit, a black denim skirt, sneakers and scarf.

Laura Cervantes was  booted off Vueling plane over a 'revealing' outfit spat.
A still from video of Cervantes during the incident as well as a photo she released of the outfit. Photo credit: Laura Cervantes

In an official complaint to Vueling and published by news outlets, Cervantes claims she is the victim of "a clear case of discrimination and humiliation".

The airline, however, says she was in a swimsuit that wasn't allowed and became "abusive" when asked to cover up.

"The transport conditions of Vueling, and of the majority of collective transport and that apply equally to men and women, are designed to defend and protect the safety of all passengers on board and to regulate their behaviour for the benefit of all," Vueling said on Twitter in Spanish.

"These conditions establish the ability to deny access to passengers whose conduct does not adapt to those conditions. The passenger was in a swimsuit. The response to the request of the handling agent has been abusive and is the only reason why it has been decided to call the competent authority and not to fly."

Cervantes isn't the first woman to get into trouble over her clothing choices while traveling this year.

In March, a 21-year-old woman from the UK was apologised to by Thomas Cook when it demanded she "cover up", while earlier this month American Airlines demanded a doctor cover her exposed shoulders for a flight.