Air NZ mocks Australia's rugby record with scathing full-page ad

Air NZ has mocked Australia's rugby record ahead of Saturday's Test match against the All Blacks.

With the Wallabies preparing to take on New Zealand at Eden Park in the Bledisloe Cup decider, Air NZ took a cheeky shot at our rivals across the ditch with a full-page ad in one of their local publications.

In a message to 17-year-old Australians published in today's Sydney Morning Herald, it lists the inventions and important events that have happened since Australia last won the Cup 17 years ago.

These include "social media", "marriage equality", "the first Australian female Prime Minister" and "five other Australian Prime Ministers".

"You've seen a lot of things in your lifetime," the advert reads.

'"But. You've never seen Australia win the Bledisloe Cup. We plan on keeping it that way. Sorry."

A few disgruntled Australians have fired back a few zingers in response.

"Typical Kiwi. Can't even keep their ads in their own country," one person replied on Twitter.

"Hang on you mean to tell me NZ isn't just a poor state of Australia?" another said.

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