Amazing aircraft photos taken at exactly the right time

A news photographer's patience and passion for aviation has resulted in a collection of stunning, sometimes unbelievable images.

Mark Garfinkel of Boston has shared his photos with Newshub.

Although he spends his day shooting breaking news and weather for the local NBC10Boston news, he says his keenness to capture images of aircraft has been part of him for as long as he can remember.

"My first love has always been aviation photography. I grew up under one of the flight paths to Boston Logan airport runway 22," Garfinkel said.

Now, at the age of 54, Garfinkel hasn't moved far from that spot near the airport where he now lives with his family, meaning he's never too far away from the allure of aviation.

Garfinkel's full collection, as well as the option to purchase prints, can be found on his website.

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