Daredevil climbs onto plane's wing then backflips off

A daredevil stuntman has been caught on camera carrying out a skydive with a difference.

Before plummeting to the ground, the man walked out onto the wing of the aircraft and performed a backflip into midair.

Chris Nielsen was flying over Phoenix, Arizona last month when he decided to take a leap from the very unique jumping spot. 

Video of the stunt shows Nielsen - a veteran of more than 4000 skydives in the last seven years - crawling out to the front of the wing before steadying himself.

Getting up on to his feet, he then lets go, before flying backwards above the desert below. 

"There was a lot of co-ordination with the pilot to make it safe," says Nielsen.

"Only the pilot and ground crew knew what I was planning, so everyone else on board thought I was crazy."

Some might say they are right.