Ex-soldier 'trapped' in UK because his name is too rude for a passport

Kenny Fu-Kennard
Kenny Fu-Kennard Photo credit: Facebook/ Kenny Fu-Kennard

An ex-British solider has been denied a passport because his name was deemed too offensive.

Kenny Fu-Kennard changed his name from Kenny Kennard in 2016 for "a bit of fun."

He was allowed a new driver's license, but the Home Office has denied his request for a passport three times as his surname "may cause offence," reports Metro.

The 33-year-old's passport has now expired, meaning he is unable to leave the country until he changes his name to something else. But he says he won't.

"I'm keeping my surname. I don't want to change it again, especially because they're restricting my freedom. I like Fu-Kennard," he told Metro.

However the Home Office says "the use of swear words...may cause public concern," even if the words are spelt phonetically.

"The passport is not an appropriate vehicle to carry names which may be offensive, vulgar or incite criminal or anti-social behavior," said the Home Office in a letter to Fu-Kennard. 

However Fu-Kennard denies his name is offensive.

"It's just a joke. I agree with the Home Office policy that not all names are acceptable but 'Fu-Kennard' is not offensive, and I object to them denying my chosen name," he said.

A friend of Fu-Kennard's has started a petition to get him a passport. So far, 105 people have signed.