Flights from Hong Kong cancelled as protestors pack the airport

Hong Kong's Airport Authority has cancelled all flights not yet checked in by Monday afternoon, as anti-government protesters peacefully demonstrated at the airport for a fourth day.

"Other than departure flights that have completed the check- in process and the arrival flights already heading to Hong Kong, all other flights have been cancelled for the rest of today," the authority said in a statement.

Traffic on roads to the airport was very congested and car park spaces were full, the authority said.

China, whose rule over the city is being challenged by the protests, demanded Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific Airways suspend staff involved in the demonstrations. 

Two airport-based staff were fired for allegedly leaking the travel information of members of the Hong Kong police force, and a pilot who had taken part in street protests has been stood down from all duties.

The increasingly violent protests have plunged Chinese-ruled Hong Kong into its most serious crisis in decades and presented a serious challenge to Beijing.