German amusement park ride Adlerflug shut down over Nazi swastika likeness

A ride at an amusement park in Germany has been shut down after shocking people by resembling "flying swastikas".

The attraction, named Adlerflug (Eagle's Flight), opened at the Tatzmania park in the town of Löffingen in late July.

The thrill ride has two sets of four seats that rotate on each side of a large arm, appearing uncannily like two spinning swastikas.

Although it's a Buddhist symbol, the swastika was used as the primary symbol of Adolf Hitler's Nazi reich and, following World War II, has been illegal under the German Criminal Code section 86a.

After video of the ride, which some dubbed 'the Holocoaster', was widely shared online, Adlerflug has been shut down pending a redesign.

"First of all, I would like to emphasise that I would like to apologise with all form to all persons who feel disturbed and insulted by our design," Tatzmania park owner Rüdiger Braun reportedly told the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

"It's agreed with the manufacturer that these questionable heads will be taken back and reworked, after which it will not be four heads, but three eagles, that's how we have the problem under control."

It's not been announced how long Adlerflug will be closed for the redesign.