Hawaii Airlines flight forced to make terrifying emergency landing in Honolulu

Video shows the moment a Hawaiian Airlines flight made a terrifying emergency landing.

The flight from Oakland to Honolulu made an emergency landing on Thursday after smoke appeared in the cabin area, CBS News reports.

Seven people, including two children, were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The footage shows flight attendants telling passengers to breathe through their clothing as the plane makes a quick descent.

Smoke can be seen filling the seating area.

Once the plane landed, passengers de-planed by emergency slide and were met by emergency services staff.

The airline tweeted the smoke was due to a seal failure on one of the engines which allowed oil to leak onto hot parts of machinery.

"There has been no visible evidence of fire. So no visible flames on arrival. Something combusting under heat so we have to find the source of the heat and what it was that was combusting," Hawaiian Airlines chief operating officer Jon Snook said.

All passengers were offered a full refund of their round-trip ticket, as well as a travel voucher.