Heat camera video reveals temperature extremes of plane landing

The extreme temperatures endured by airliners as they touch down has been captured on video.

The UK National Police Air Service recorded an aircraft landing using a heat detection camera, which are often used to detect body heat to locate offenders when it's dark.

Heat shows up as bright light with the camera - the hotter something is, the brighter it appears.

In the footage, as the aircraft approaches London Gatwick Airport, the intense heat coming from the exhaust of the 757's engines is obvious. 

But it's when the rubber meets the road that things get really hot.

Aircraft engines can reach temperatures of 1400C and the friction between the tyres and the runway can heat the rubber to more than 300C, while the brakes can hit 800C.

However, the presence of such extreme temperatures is nothing to be alarmed about. Aircraft are designed to handle these conditions and more.