Listen: Pilot reports beanbag on tarmac at JFK Airport in New York

John F Kennedy Airport in New York is no stranger to delays, but they're usually caused by bad weather or air traffic congestion.

But on Sunday (local time) it was something entirely different getting the attention of pilots and controllers.

A rouge beanbag had made its way to the edge of one of the airport's busy taxiways and was spotted by a pilot approaching the runway to depart.

The pilot of the flight to Sāo Paulo reported the 'foreign object debris', or FOD, to a very confused air traffic controller.

"There's a FOD just on the exit of hotel bravo. Looks like some kind of bean bag chair or something," the pilot said.

"I'm sorry, looks like what sir?" the controller asked.

"It looks like a beanbag chair," he replied.

"A bean bag chair, haha, is there like a lava lamp and like a six pack out there too?" asked the controller.

"Absolutely, a disco ball as well," joked the pilot.

"Alright, let me get the port authority to party with it," the controller said.

Authorities were sent and disposed of the bean bag, but were unable to establish just how it got there.

It's not the first time an object not usually found at an airport has caused issues and amusement for staff at JFK.

In 2014, turtles made their way from the nearby harbour and began a journey down the airport's long runway. Aircraft were delayed by the slow creatures, but they were all rescued without any injuries.