Star Wars-themed Coke bottles aren't allowed on flights

Star Wars-themed soft drink bottles on sale at Disney parks in the United States are not allowed on flights.

Officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirmed the bottles, which are designed to resemble a "thermal detonator" from Star Wars, can't go on planes, even if they're empty and the cap is removed.

The bottles are available at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Talk about the bottles being banned first began on August 27, when the Orange County Register (OCR) noticed a reply from the official Ask TSA Twitter account telling a passenger they won't fly. 

"Replica and inert explosives aren't allowed in either carry-on or checked bags," the tweet said.

TSA spokesperson Jim Gregory confirmed to the OCR replica items aren't allowed on aircraft as they could "cause concern".

On Wednesday (New Zealand time) the TSA went further and told a prospective passenger on Twitter no modifications would make the bottles plane-worthy.

"Even w/ a normal bottle cap or opened, this item is still considered a replica and is not allowed in carry-on or checked bags," it said. 

"If our officers discover a replica item during screening and believes it's real, the item will be treated as such until advised otherwise by law enforcement."

It later clarified lightsabers are still allowed to fly.