Suits star Rick Hoffman reveals appearing in Air New Zealand safety video was life dream

Suits, and now Air New Zealand safety video, star Rick Hoffman has revealed appearing in one of the famous videos was a life dream.

Released on Thursday, Air NZ's 'Air All Blacks' safety video features Hoffman as the airline's lawyer. Other famous faces in the video include past and present All Blacks and actor Cliff Curtis. New music from Kiwi band Six60 also features.

Hoffman, a friend of The AM Show, phoned in on Friday to divulge on starring in the video and revealed that it was one of his life dreams.

"If I look back on my entire 49 years of living, there were only two things I really have pretty much wanted to do and achieve. One was climb Mount Kilimanjaro and the other one was to be in a safety video for Air New Zealand," he said.

"That's what I was born to do, was to blow into a lifejacket and pretty much show everybody how you [do it] properly. When you are pretty much saying goodbye to everybody on an airplane, when you are in crisis, you want me to show up on an airplane."

Hoffman loves New Zealand and was "floored" when he was asked to appear. But as he filmed his part of the video in Canada, he didn't understand the full concept until he saw the final product.

"I didn't really get the full idea of it until I saw the finished product, because it was just me in Toronto pretty much, there was a bunch of CGI they were going to add later on, so I didn't really understand it."

He also has a bit of bromance with The AM Show sports presenter Mark Richardson. On Friday, Hoffman offered to go stay with Richardson and was happy to top and tail.

Earlier this week, a clip from an interview with Hoffman was released showing the actor discussing his relationship with Richardson and how he always looks forward to their "romantic dinners".