Wellington crowned New Zealand's safest city

Wellington is ranked as New Zealand's safest city - the 18th safest in the world.

The capital was the only city in the country ranked in the 2019 Safe Cities Index, by global business intelligence firm The Economist Intelligence Unit. It listed the top 60 safest cities in the world based on digital, health, infrastructure and personal security.

The report listed Wellington fifth on the list for personal security, with (4-1) Tokyo, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, and Singapore in front. The report says these cities are strong on "personal security inputs".

"For Wellington, the most visible weakness is illegal drug use, for which it comes in at 56th," the report says.

Tokyo was revealed as the safest city in the world, followed by Singapore, Osaka, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto and Washington.

"Given the growing number of people residing in cities and the ever-greater influence they will have on how we as a species live, the future of day-to-day global human security is, to a large degree, urban security," the report says.

You can find the rankings here.