World's first houseplant hotel opens in London

Gone are the days of entrusting your flatmates with watering your plants, just to return to a limp, miserable mess where your monstera used to be. 

A hotel just for houseplants has opened in London to ease the minds of plant parents going on holiday.

Patch Plant Hotel in Battersea will take your plants and ensure they get top-notch care while you holiday.

The hotel is free to book, and you're invited to share the specific "personalities" of your plants, so they get the best possible care.

All you have to do is enter how many plants you need caring for and the dates you're away. Then, a member of the team will let you know availability, and you can drop your precious plants off for their holiday.

"So many of us have asked a friend or family member to water the plants when we're away, only to return to disappointment" hotel manager Rose Grower told House Beautiful.

"The hotel saves not only your plants but your relationships too," she continued.

Patch Plant Hotel offers "careful watering, top-notch fertilizer and perfect sunlight" so that your plants can have a holiday as good as yours.

The hotel is open for bookings until 5 September 2019, and boasts 100 rooms with perfect light conditions for whatever your plants need.