'A prickly situation': Pilot stops plane to let baby hedgehog cross the runway

Hedgehog. Photo credit: File

A pilot stopped a passenger jet after noticing a baby hedgehog on the runway as he prepared for take-off.

The Loganair flight from Stornoway to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands was reportedly taxiing to the runway when the hedgehog made its appearance. 

The 30 passengers on board the Saab 340 aircraft on Thursday (local time) were informed of the reason for the delay, Metro reports.

"The captain safely avoided a prickly situation for the little hedgehog, following procedure until the animal was off the tarmac," Loganair's director of flight operations, Neil Hughes, told local media.

Passenger Roddy McLeod tweeted about the "emergency stop".

"After a minute the captain came over the radio telling us that he was waiting on a baby hedgehog to pass," he tweeted.