Air India staff put on low-fat diet

Air India staff put on low-fat diet
Photo credit: File

Air India is introducing a new low-fat diet for its cabin crew according to an internal memo obtained by CNN.

"Taking into consideration the health factor of crew, an initiative has been taken by Director Operations to revise the In-flight menu for the crew," the memo said.

A special low-fat diet for crew has been worked out on a daily basis in order to provide light and healthy meal with a home (Indian) touch." 

The airline says as well as being healthy, the new meals are also cost effective.

In 2015, Air India went as far as moving 130 staff from cabin crew shifts to ground duties because of their weight.

The airline examined 3,500 employees and found 600 of them to be overweight or obese.

After a period of time, 130 of those were declared unfit for the job after failing to lose weight and lost their jobs as cabin crew.

Included in the new healthy menu are meals such as egg white omelettes with mushroom, kebabs and green pea bhurji.