Almost 50 percent of Generation Z travel after seeing destinations on Instagram

The survey was conducted by
The survey was conducted by Photo credit: Getty

Many Generation Z travellers have confessed they travel to certain destinations after seeing influencers' social media posts, according to research.

In a survey, carried out by, 45 percent of Gen Z participants (born between 1995 and 2015) said they had been inspired to make their own adventures by seeing influencers' trips online.

Of the Gen Z participants, 37 percent also listed social media as their top travel inspiration source.

The research shows 34 percent also trust influencers when it comes to travel recommendations.

It also revealed 31 percent of Gen Z are still influenced by destinations they see in films and TV shows.

Survey highlights 

  • One in four Gen Z take more than 50 photos per day while on holiday, and 30 percent share their photos on social media
  • Thirty-eight percent say they're interested in travelling somewhere that'll look good in pictures
  • Three in 10 say they always upload pictures from their trips on social media
  • Sixty-seven percent are likely to rate free wi-fi as their top accommodation amenity

Survey participants said they prioritise travel spend instead of material possessions, with more than half thinking travel is always worth spending money on.