Cruise ship helps in dramatic rescue of three men in middle of sea

Photos from the rescue.
Photos from the rescue. Photo credit: P&O Cruises.

It was a dramatic day at sea for holidaymakers aboard a P&O Cruise near New Caledonia when the ship's crew became involved in the rescue of three seafarers adrift on a life raft.

The cruise company wrote on their Facebook page that their Pacific Dawn ship had led the rescue of three boaties who had to abandon their stricken yacht that was taking on water near the island nation of New Caledonia.

Authorities in Noumea asked the ship - which was in the middle of a seven-night cruise at the time - to divert towards the three seafarers after receiving a distress call.

The cruise company wrote that the trio were rescued and being cared for by the ship's crew.

"Our wonderful Pacific Dawn team have followed the highest maritime traditions going to the aid of fellow seafarers in peril," it said.

"It is wonderful to know that the three seafarers are safe and well. The Captain gave guests regular updates on the sea rescue mission."

Pictures posted on the Facebook page show men coming out of an orange boat and onto the ship after being rescued from the life raft.

The Daily Mail reports that the men weren't harmed and phoned their families when onboard to say they were safe. Why the boat sunk is unclear.