Etihad airplane turned into boutique accommodation

A retired Etihad Airbus jet, which once flew more than 150 passengers, has been saved from the scrapyard and transformed into luxury accommodation. 

The fuselage and cabin, which includes the original kitchen and emergency exits, was salvaged by Toby Davies, a campsite owner in South Wales.

It's not the first aircraft to land for transformation at his campsite, in 2016 he refurbished a 1970's Lockheed JetStar.

The new edition, which was the first-ever aircraft to be decommissioned by Etihad Airways cost Davies about NZ$86,000

Etihad airplane turned into boutique accommodation

The aircraft had to be cut into two parts and cranes were used to move it into its new home.

The aviation-themed rooms are popular with visitors.

 "When I discovered a reclamation yard in Wales had an Airbus, we went down and straight away I told them I'd take it,"  Davies said.

During its 30 years in service, the aircraft has flown for Air Canada, Air Malta and Etihad, before it was retired last year. 

From saving the relic in May, to opening it to glamping guests last month, Toby has rewired and modified the tail end of the plane so that it can still be accessed by its two rear emergency exits. 

Visitors to the park can also stay in a UFO, a Pac-Man dome and a disco chapel.