Terrifying Qantas flight as plane's tyre explodes during take-off

Passengers got the fright of their lives during a Qantas flight from Brisbane on Sunday.

During take-off, one of the tyres on the plane exploded - damaging part of the wing.

Footage taken by passengers shows the aftermath of the explosion, with holes in the wing and the tyre completely ripped up.

"Out of nowhere I hear a big bang," passenger Gaurav Dogra told 7 News.

"I was kind of scared; like 'how are we going to land on this thing'?

"It was a big sigh of relief to be honest. I thought it was going to be much worse, but the pilot did a good job.

The flight bound for the Queensland city of Mackay had 76 passengers onboard, and returned to Brisbane following the incident. Qantas says however it wasn't an emergency landing.

"In a statement, the airliner said these planes have six tyres and can safely land on five," 7 News reports.

An investigation into the incident will take place.

7 News/Newshub.