Watch: Cure Kids children take charge of Qantas at Auckland Airport

The 2019 Red Nose Appeal was given a helping hand by the airline with the red tail at Auckland International Airport this week.

In the lead-up to Red Nose Day, a group of Cure Kids ambassadors took over the check-in desks at Qantas.

Addison, Corin, Eva and Eva’s younger brother Cooper got to dress up as Qantas pilots for the day and make sure everyone had what they needed before boarding their flights.

Cure Kids was established in 1971 to focus on fundraising for high-impact, New Zealand-based medical research that helps save, extend and improve the lives of children diagnosed with serious life-impacting and life-limiting health conditions.

One of those star ambassadors was 10-year-old Corin.

Adorable Kiwi kids step in as Qantas crew at Auckland Airport to launch Red Nose Day, Cure Kids biggest fundraising campaign.
Corin was chuffed to be involved. Photo credit: Newshub.

Corin had his very first open heart surgery before his first birthday, and that wasn't his last. He was diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition which meant he lacked enough elastin in his arteries and veins, causing them to close up.

Corin's brother Tyler died of the same genetic condition aged just three months.

Despite beginning the day reserved and shy, by the end of it, Corin knew the job like the back of his hand and was an expert at the all too complicated task of correctly applying luggage tags to a suitcase.

Adorable Kiwi kids step in as Qantas crew at Auckland Airport to launch the Red Nose appeal, the Cure Kids fundraising campaign.
Cooper is a little younger than your usual pilot. Photo credit: Newshub.

"He knows this process better than I do," joked a Qantas flight attendant as they moved through the check-in area.

The junior crew, dressed as pilots, assisted helped hundreds of people boarding flights to Sydney and Melbourne, and were a welcome surprise to passengers arriving to check-in.

"That was the loveliest way to start the day," one passenger said.

"And, it's all for a good cause. I won't be here but I'll be making sure all of my family get out and buy red noses."

This year's Red Nose Appeal aims to raise $1,200,000. The different ways you can contribute are detailed on the Red Nose Day website.