Air Canada will no longer use the term 'ladies and gentlemen' in its flight announcements

Air Canada has announced it will no longer welcome its passengers as "ladies and gentlemen", going instead for more gender-inclusive terms such as "everybody".

The airline, which is also ditching "mesdames et messieurs" from its welcome, told CTV Canada it was working to modernise its culture.

Air Canada management sent an email to all employees about the change, which included the line: "We want to ensure an inclusive space for everyone, including those who identify with gender X."

"We work hard to make sure all employees feel like valued members of the Air Canada family, while ensuring our customers are comfortable and respected when they choose to travel with us," an Air Canada spokesperson told media.

The new welcome will be used by gate agents, cabin crew and pilots when addressing passengers.

The airline recently won the title of Canada's 'best diversity employer'.

Reaction on social media has mostly shown support for the decision with many people tweeting messages such as "Big win for inclusion! #LGBTQ".

However, some were less pleased, including Vikki Lunn asked if people who "appreciate being referred to as per there gender don't count anymore?"