Air NZ passengers confronted with 'tough watch' as Air All Blacks safety video played after RWC loss

Air New Zealand is continuing to play their Air All Blacks safety video despite the team's 19-7 Rugby World Cup semi-final loss to England, leading to "mixed responses" from disgruntled passengers.

A number of disheartened Kiwis have taken to Twitter to talk about the painful experience during their Sunday travels, with some dubbing the difficult viewing as "too soon". 

"Mixed responses from passengers when [Air New Zealand's] safety vid played this morning," one Wellington traveller captioned a photo of the 'Air All Blacks' screen, boasting the line 'Kia kaha, go the All Blacks'.

"Eeep. Should have swapped it out," a woman commented.

The video served as an unwelcome reminder of the All Blacks' foiled quest for a third consecutive Rugby World Cup final win, with one Twitter user claiming they "might have sobbed uncontrollably" at the airline's continued show of support.

"Sitting on a plane and can't help but feel that the Air NZ safety video is a bit too soon," another Twitter user wrote on Sunday morning.

"I'm using in-flight WiFi just to say that the Air All Blacks safety video was a tough watch today," one woman posted.

"I'm flying today. I wonder if Air NZ has activated a swap-out overnight to avoid triggering passengers," said another tweet.

"If not, it's going to be an awkward, cringey few minutes."

The airline has been a vocal All Blacks' supporter on social media and shared a number of live reactions to Saturday's game on Twitter.

"Kia kaha All Blacks, you've done us proud... we're still crazy about you," Air New Zealand tweeted following England's victory.

Air NZ has been approached by Newshub for comment.