Emirates passengers can watch the Rugby World Cup 2019 live onboard

This is not how the broadcast will be received.
This is not how the broadcast will be received. Photo credit: Getty Images/Newshub.

Fans of the All Blacks - or any other team - who have travel booked with Emirates over the next couple of weeks will no longer have to worry about missing any of the Rugby World Cup 2019 action.

The Dubai-based airline is screening all games through its own in-flight, 24-hour sports channel.

Using a network of satellites around the world, the RWC game broadcasts are picked up by special receivers built into 177 of the airline's fleet, including all of its Airbus A380 aircraft.

The airline offers live sports to all passengers, alongside broadcasts from BBC News, Sky News, CNN, CNBC and NHK World.

Sport24 is a channel specifically set up to deliver sport to airlines and cruise ships in partnership with Panasonic Avionics.

If you believe you may be flying during one of the games, then check with the airline or wherever you booked about the live service being available on your flight, and remember to dress in your supporter gear!