How many lollies should you take on an Air NZ flight?

How many do you take?
How many do you take? Photo credit: File

A traveller this week provoked discussion on social media, and it's lead to the revelation of a long-unanswered question.

Air New Zealand's lolly treat has long been handed out at the end of its flights. You could say, in some ways, it's a Kiwi tradition.

But what's not tradition, and what has never been known (until now) is how many we should grab when they're handed out by the flight attendants.

One Reddit user put the question to the internet this week, provoking mixed responses.

"Take two I always do. I think anymore makes you a pig," one user said.

"Flight attendants have never given a toss how much I have taken," another wrote. "It is usually the people around me who look offended when I take a handful."

Now while the company may not be offended if you take a handful, it has revealed how many it would prefer you to take.

The answer: two. An Air New Zealand spokeswoman said: "Lollies are loaded on our aircraft so there are enough for people to take one or two each - we need to make sure we have some available for everyone".

In the year ending June, the airline's customers munched through 15.5 million of the lollies, she said.